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Welcome to the Resources and Links area on this site.  I have set this area up in an attempt to help you navigate quickly through the various resources for cancer.   There are innumerous issues and needs that will arise while on this journey – from diagnosis to  financial pitfalls, to needing a patient advocate or inspiration to make it through your chosen treatment.  Feel free to peruse the myriad resources and links and see what can help you.  

Medical Links
Links on medical/research resources. 
Medical Links

Best Cancer Hospitals: Top 50 List
The following is a list of the Top 50 ranked U.S. Cancer Hospitals & Centers from the US World & News Reports (2008 Report).
Best Cancer Hospitals List & Links

Cancer Treatments, Clinical Trials, Ratings of Hospitals & Statistics
Links to research various treatments for cancer, find clinical trials, ratings of cancer hospitals and cancer statistics. 
Cancer Treatments, Clinical Trials, Ratings of Hospitals & Statistics Links

American Cancer Society Stats
Various statistics on the myriad cancers, population/patients, future projections, state by state breakdown and more. Includes some wonderful and educational charts.
American Cancer Society Facts & Stats

Alternative & Integrative Treatments
Links to research and to acquire information on various complementary alternative medicine treatments and centers.
Alternative & Integrative Treatments Links

Breast Cancer
Links to research and to acquire information on various breast treatments and centers.
Breast Cancer Links

Patient Tools
Links to patient tools.
Tools for Patients, Caregivers & Family Links

Professional Patient Advocates
Information and links to some of our country’s top professional patient advocates.
Professional Patient Advocates Links

Recommended Books to Read
Listings of some helpful books to educate yourself on cancer, diet, various modalities of treatment, necessary life changes and food for the soul. 
Recommended Reading



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 Breast Cancer - The Notebook


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