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Cat's Claw
Immune system help.

Cetyl Myristoleate (CM)
Help with arthritic joint pain

Enhance immune system.

Chlorophyll has strong antibacterial action, and clears up odors of putrefaction effectively.

CLA (Conjugated Linoelic Acid)
Diet weight management.

Colostrum is rich in protein, specifically immune proteins classified as immunoglobulins (IGG, IGA IGM), which provide the newborn, or those using colostrum, with these basic components of the immune system.

Strong Vascular heart support.

Creatine Monohydrate
A Muscle mass building supplement.

DHA (Neuromins™)
Brain , Mental, Visual nutrients; a natural component of healthy heart tissue. Studies show that taking DHA protects the heart by possibly lowering the body's triglyceride level and/or elevating the body's HDL or good cholesterol.

Often referred to as the fountain of youth, DHEA is the most abundant of the body's hormones, yet levels are known to decline steadily with age. DHEA is the metabolic precursor to both androgens and estrogens, which are necessary for optimal function. Supplemental doses vary and should be supervised by a member of your healthcare team.

Has anti-inflammatory properties and alleviates pain when applied to the skin. These effects have been reported particularly with connective tissue diseases (such as scleroderma, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis) and muscle injuries. DMSO appears to reduce pain by inhibiting transmission of pain messages by nerves and may also soften the abnormal connective tissue associated with many disorders.

Cold, flu fighter, enhance immune system.

Cold and flu aid.

Emu Oil
Research shows that Emu oil is nearly identical in its composition to our skin fat that surrounds our skin cells – various uses.

Evening Primrose Oil(EPO)
Essential fatty oil

Flaxseed Oil
Essential fatty oil (GLA)

Flavonoids are free-radical scavengers. Flavonoids enhance vitamin C absorption and work with it to bolster capillary walls. Quercetin is thought to be the most active flavonoid. For one, it inhibits the formation and release of histamine along with other allergic/inflammatory compounds. This anti-allergic effect is believed to help prevent symptoms of asthma and hay fever.

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